[quan·ti·fy] | verb | empowering mental health with data

Quantifying and Empowering Mental Health

Qntfy brings powerful data analysis to every health care professional's toolbox. We assess patients' mental health and well-being in an easy, objective, and non-invasive manner.

The importance of a patient's current and evolving mental health is critical to their individualized care. By empowering mental health clinicians, Qntfy's insights beyond current limited patient interactions can help make the critical difference in improving the well-being of patients.

Our approach emphasizes a range of new ideas. Data analysis can provide actionable information historically unavailable. Data visualization and prioritization in intuitive interfaces enable health care professionals to rapidly process and tailor patient care. Our data and analysis is guarded to the highest standards.


Qntfy scales therapeutic impact. We provide insight to individuals, loved ones, and mental health professionals beyond the standard office appointment interaction. We provide actionable data-driven analysis and prioritization in intuitive interfaces, tailored to the lives of patients.


Qntfy's analytics scale gracefully using the latest in big data techniques, enabling quantified population-level insight quickly. This allows for rapid assessment, iteration of intervention, and unearthing of systemic issues, even in large populations.

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