[quan·ti·fy] | verb | understanding behavior through data

Qntfy is a technology solutions provider bridging data science and human behavior. We make complex psychological and behavioral data accessible, scalable and actionable for both individuals and organizations.

Products & Services

Qntfy applies data science and psychology to create innovative products and services on behalf of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and government agencies to improve understanding of human behavior, wellbeing, and mental health. We are dedicated to improving public health through better-informed decisions related to behavioral health, suicide prevention, personal optimization, substance misuse, employee wellbeing, safety and security.

Cohort Analytics Platform (CAP)

Qntfy CAP provides the strategic and marketing teams of our clients with insight and intelligence about their customers and intended audiences.

The data powering Qntfy CAP's strategic insights comes from applying AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to your intended audience, through the rigorous creation of a high-precision cohort by our PhD-level data science team. Read more...

Behavioral Analysis through Data Science

We support many organizations with custom data analysis, novel research, and analytic development, integrated into their day-to-day workflow. Our team specializes in making machine learning and artificial intelligence work in the real world, through thoughtful integration with their existing systems, both human and computational. We can help you add new depth of understanding about your patients, users, and target audiences through the application of our proprietary data sources and analytics, or through bespoke development and analysis to meet your specific needs. Read more...

Data as a Service (DaaS)

We call it Quark. Qntfy’s Quark technology enables the collection and analysis of opt-in user data with unprecedented ease, collected ethically and with the user's privacy in prime consideration. By making user data more affordable and accessible, we are eliminating the pain of engineering the complex systems required for passive and persistent data analysis. Quark powers sites like OurDataHelps and WarriorsConnect which allow data collection from users with their full informed consent. Read more...

Analytics Development and Scalable Deployment

Our technology is built on a robust core capable of both stable scaled-up deployment and rapid experimentation with novel analytics and custom data flows. Our platform is deployed supporting organizations with streaming analytics needs, providing data in near real time and enriched with both our proprietary analytics and analytics from their data science teams. Read more...

Qntfy in the News

Thought Leadership

Qntfy owes its success to scholarship, scientific research and advocacy. We are proud to be a company that continues to publish research findings in respected peer reviewed publications. Qntfy’s team is sought after by national and international organizations for counsel and advice at the intersection of psychology and computer science. Our team presents regularly at national conferences on human psychology, behavior and computation. Qntfy was proud to be a featured speaker at the 2016 White House Open Data Summit.