unlocking insights that activate improved wellbeing

Qntfy is a technology solutions provider bridging data science and human behavior. We make complex psychological and behavioral data accessible, scalable, and actionable for individuals and organizations.

Qntfy’s vision is a world where data sparks sustained health and wellbeing for everyone. We believe that thoughtfully integrating data into the variety of apps and services available today will empower improved wellbeing and behavioral health, both inside and outside the healthcare system.

Qntfy is achieving its vision through the Quinn platform, which uses AI, machine learning, and optimization technology built on a decade of Qntfy’s peer-reviewed research in natural language processing.

Quinn scans for tens of thousands of signals within digital life data that relate to behavioral health and wellbeing, recognizing aspects of behavioral health symptoms and conditions in deeply nuanced signals. Our proprietary analytics empower Quinn to generate wellbeing scores, identify psychological phenomena, and assess risk for behavioral health conditions from digital life data.

Quinn AI empowers organizations with:

  • Healthier Populations, Faster - Quinn is the critical lever for our customers to recognize and scale solutions that work. Quinn emerges relevant subpopulations to accelerate product and health insights, showing what works for whom.
  • Meaningfully Personalized End-User Experience - Quinn inspires users to continuously improve their wellbeing and adhere to treatment plans. AI messaging optimizes resonance with the user, guiding them toward what will work for them, at this point in their journey, and for their lifestyle.
  • Seamlessly Powered by Quinn - Integrating Quinn into customer apps and solutions is easy, enabling both historic and continuous information about end-user wellbeing and resonance.

Trusted Leadership

We have a strong track record as a trusted leader in privacy and the ethical application of behavior health analytics.

  • Pioneered and Published - Our work routinely undergoes the rigor of scientific peer-review, significantly influencing the entire field with our research.
  • First Ethical Framework for Health Research with Social Media - Together with colleagues from Johns Hopkins University, we published the first ethical framework for social media research into health, now the standard within the field.
  • Inspiring Trust from Users & Customers - We’re earning the trust of high-profile organizations like Hopelab and the George W. Bush Institute. More than 5,000 users trust us with their digital life data.

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