Qntfy's CAP

Cohort Analytics Platform (CAP)

Qntfy CAP provides the strategic and marketing teams of our clients with insight and intelligence about their customers and intended audiences.

The data powering Qntfy CAP's strategic insights comes from applying AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to your intended audience, through the rigorous creation of a high-precision cohort by our PhD-level data science team.

Talk with your audience instead of at them.

Our customers use Qntfy CAP to address problems in two main areas:

  • Audience Analysis "I know who my audience is, but I want to understand what they're talking about so I can better understand their attitudes, motivations, and how to connect with them better."

  • Discourse Analysis "I know people are talking about a topic that is important to my organization or company, but I don't know who is talking about this topic, and I want to know as much as possible about this group of people so I can better communnicate with them and better serve them."

Unique in the Marketplace

The always-on nature of Qntfy CAP allows unprecedented speed, scale, and depth. Deeper than social listening and more timely than panels, Qntfy CAP provides more directly actionable insights than anything else on the market.

Qntfy’s proprietary analytics go beyond targeting, enriching the data with layers of demographic and psychographic analytics. These were designed by the same team of PhD-level scientists that work with our clients on strategic planning, execution, and high-precision cohort creation.

Find out how our audience and discourse analytics can power your strategy.