Quinn is an AI and machine learning engine that integrates into existing digital health solutions to activate improved wellbeing for its users. Quinn turns digital life data into clinically relevant scores and insights in real time. Quinn also provides partners with deeply personalized messages and interventions at scale to increase the effectiveness of their digital health apps and solutions and ultimately improve their users’ wellbeing.

The Quinn platform uses AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and optimization technology built on a decade of Qntfy’s peer-reviewed research to scan and integrate tens of thousands of signals. Quinn is not an app, but more like a grounded sidekick to existing digital health apps and solutions, able to bring data-driven insight to any spot in any user’s mental health journey.

For Individuals

Quinn's unique capability to improve and optimize wellbeing automatically and adjust the course of recommendations without human involvement brings personalized evidence-based practices to users scalably and cost-efficiently.

Quinn Individual scans data from various digital life sources—including wearables, atmospherics, and social media—to identify transdiagnostic signals that serve as clinically relevant indications of wellbeing and behavioral health symptoms. Quinn converts these insights into highly personalized interventions via AI, including automated personalized messaging interventions delivered at the perfect moment to offer support and spark meaningful behavior change—all integrated within the delivery models of our customer’s existing digital health solutions.

Key Features:

  • An AI sidekick for your wellbeing journey.
  • Messages designed to improve wellbeing, personalized and delivered at the right time.
  • Suggestions and interventions selected for what worked for people like you.
  • Adapted messages and suggestions based on your data.

For Groups and Organizations

Quinn Population provides population-level insights far faster than what can be learned from traditional means such as health risk assessments, electronic health records, or validated clinical assessments that require user input. The advantage for our partners is near real-time, data driven, strategic optimization based on the needs and preferences of their users.

In the same way that Quinn helps users see what will work for them, Quinn provides program evaluation and optimization to our partners, helping them see what will work for the group or organization. Quinn Tracks wellbeing scores by cohorts showing progress and trends over time, enabling optimized interventions and programs for a whole population or organization. Our partners see the digital life data of their group translated into useful behavioral, demographic and psychographic insights in real-time and over time.

Key Features:

  • API integration to provide Quinn to partner end-users and improve their engagement, retention, and impact.
  • Actionable insights, business intelligence, and analytics in the form of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Real-time dashboard and reporting for visualizing population-level insights with the capability to compare against other similar groups.
  • Integration of multiple consumer data sets to gain insights and make recommendations for behavior change.

Cohort Analytics Platform (CAP)

Qntfy CAP provides the strategic and marketing teams of our clients with insight and intelligence about their customers and intended audiences.

The data powering Qntfy CAP's strategic insights comes from applying proprietary AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to your intended audience, through the rigorous creation of a high-precision cohort by our PhD-level data science team.