Lack of data has been a tremendous barrier preventing data scientists from making strides understanding suicide, mental illness, and suicide. Scientists need more and higher quality data to save lives. helps to lower this barrier by empowering you to donate your own data for mental health research by Qntfy and other approved partners. It’s free and it takes less than five minutes.

Bespoke Data Analysis

Qntfy brings together capabilities rarely found under one roof: the capability to conduct novel research, perform the data collection required for that research, and the ability to build functional big data systems based on the findings of the research.

In partnership with others, we provide analysis and visualization tools to make sense of high-dimensional data.

Scalable Analytics Platform


We have built a near-realtime analytics platform that enriches streaming messages and events. Just bring the data, and leave the processing to us.

Highly Extensible

The platform is highly extensible to make adding new analytics trivial. Simply conform to a REST interface and run any analytic you'd like. Any language.

Unlimited Scalability

Limited only by compute resources. When load spikes, new servers can come online automatically.