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Natural Language Processing of Social Media as Screening for Suicide Risk.

Glen Coppersmith, Ryan Leary, Patrick Crutchley, Alex Fine.

Cross-Cultural Differences in Language Markers of Depression Online.

Kate Loveys, Jonathan Torrez, Alex Fine, Glen Moriarty, Glen Coppersmith.

Distil: A Mixed-Initiative Model Discovery System for Subject Matter Experts.

Scott Langevin, David Jonker, Christopher Bethune, Glen Coppersmith, Casey Hilland, Jonathon Morgan, Paul Azunre, Justin Gawrilow.


Scalable Mental Health Analysis in the Clinical Whitespace via Natural Language Processing.

Glen Coppersmith, Casey Hilland, Ophir Frieder, Ryan Leary.

Understanding Depressive Symptoms and Psychosocial Stressors on Twitter: A Corpus-Based Study.

Danielle Mowery, Hillary Smith, Tyler Cheney, Greg Stoddard, Glen Coppersmith, Craig Bryan, Mike Conway.

Clinical Validation of Models Built from Self-Stated Diagnosis Social Media Data.

Glen Coppersmith, Patrick Crutchley, Raina M Merchant, H. Andrew Schwartz.

Small but Mighty: Affective Micropatterns for Quantifying Mental Health from Social Media Language.

Kate Loveys, Patrick Crutchley, Emily Wyatt, Glen Coppersmith.

Ethical Research Protocols for Social Media Health Research.

Adrian Benton, Glen Coppersmith, Mark Dredze.

Unobtrusive Analysis of Mental Health on Social Media via User Embeddings.

Silvio Amir, Byron Wallace, Glen Coppersmith, Paula Carvalho, Mario Silva.

In Your Wildest Dreams: the language of psychological features of dreams.

Kate Neiderhoffer, Jonathan Schler, Patrick Crutchley, Kate Loveys, Glen Coppersmith.


Exploratory Analysis of Social Media Prior to a Suicide Attempt.

Glen Coppersmith, Kim Ngo, Ryan Leary, Tony Wood.

Quantifying Suicidal Ideation on Twitter.

Tony Wood, Jesse Shiffman, Ryan Leary, Glen Coppersmith.

The Clinical Panel: Leveraging Psychological Expertise During NLP Research.

Glen Coppersmith, Kristy Hollingshead, H. Andrew Schwartz, Molly Ireland, Rebecca Resnik, Kate Loveys, April Foreman, Loring Ingraham.

Discovering Shifts to Suicidal Ideation from Mental Health Content in Social Media.

Munmun De Choudhury, Emre Kiciman, Mark Dredze, Glen Coppersmith, Mrinal Kumar.


Quantifying Suicidal Ideation via Language Usage on Social Media.

Glen Coppersmith, Tony Wood, Ryan Leary, Eric Whyne.

From ADHD to SAD: analyzing the language of mental health on Twitter through self-reported diagnoses.

Glen Coppersmith, Mark Dredze, Craig Harman, Kristy Hollingshead.

Introduction to the CLPsych-2015 Shared and Unshared Tasks: Depression vs. PTSD on Twitter.

Glen Coppersmith, Mark Dredze, Craig Harman, Kristy Hollingshead, Margaret Mitchell.

Quantifying the language of Schizophrenia in Social Media.

Margaret Mitchell, Kristy Hollingshead, Glen Coppersmith.

Detecting Changes in Suicide Content Manifested in Social Media Following Celebrity Suicides.

Mrinal Kumar, Mark Drezde, Glen Coppersmith, Munmun De Choudhury.


Quantifying Mental Health Signals in Twitter.

Glen Coppersmith, Mark Dredze, Craig Harman.

Measuring Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Twitter.

Glen Coppersmith, Craig Harman, Mark Dredze.