Behavioral Analysis through Data Science

Qntfy applies data science and psychology to create innovative technologies and services on behalf of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and government agencies to improve understanding of human behavior, wellbeing, and mental health. We are dedicated to improving public health through better-informed decisions related to behavioral health, suicide prevention, personal optimization, substance misuse, employee wellbeing, safety and security. We support many organizations with custom data analysis. Our deep expertise in both data science and psychology make us well-positioned to help you with your data questions. We routinely guide organizations in creating an enacting their data strategy, and often enrich their data with our own proprietary data sources and analytics.

Qntfy builds cutting edge platforms to help large organizations achieve measurable impact at the intersection of behavioral psychology and computer science. Qntfy’s cloud based data collection and processing platform powers applications for some of the country's largest research organizations. Those mission critical applications depend on Qntfy’s platform to securely and adaptively process large volumes of data and deliver analytics measuring behavior in real time.

We've partnered with 7 Cups of Tea to design their data strategy, and now are helping them understand what makes someone an effective listener. We work closely with their product team to integrate the results of our analytics into the flow of their peer-support, and engage with their leadership to quantify their most pressing questions.

Analytics Development and Scalable Deployment

Our stable of behavioral analytics and scalable processing capabilities enrich your data and provide new depth of insights in real time. Just bring the data, and leave the processing to us.

We support many organizations with custom data analysis and analytic development, precisely tailored to their needs. Our team routinely uses computational approaches to analyze human behavior, assisted by a diverse stable of our proprietary data sources and analytics. We can help you add to add new depth of understanding to your existing analytics based on our existing capabilities, or design to your needs. We have expertise in making machine learning and artifical intelligence work in the real world, let us help you bring data science to bear on your mission.

Data as a Service (DaaS)

We call it Quark. Qntfy’s Quark technology enables the collection and analysis of opt-in user data at unprecedented scale, ease, and privacy. By making user data more affordable and accessible, we are eliminating the pain of engineering the complex systems required for passive and persistent data analysis.

We recently applied Quark to collect data for crisis prevention organizations such as American Association of Suicidology and #SPSM., an innovative data donation site, was created by Qntfy using Quark. Individuals anywhere can opt-in to share their social media and wearables data to empower mental health research. Qntfy de-identifies this data and makes it available to leading researchers to facilitate new discoveries.

Major Universities use Quark for research subject and data management. Quark makes collecting data straightforward and fast. Researchers find it to be an effective way to reduce engineering effort and ensure compliance with Institutional Review Board requirements and ethics bodies regarding human research requirements.

Once your study is set up in our fully customizable system, you simply provide a link to your subjects and they enroll themselves through Quark’s intuitive onboarding process. Their data and responses to your questionnaires are collected automatically and packaged for analysis. We are also prepared to de-identify the data before it leaves our encrypted systems, dramatically lowering the risk of theft or compromise of identity data.